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How to Conduct On-site Inspection of Small Household Appliance OEM Factories?

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How to Conduct On-site Inspection of Small Household Appliance OEM Factories?(pic1)

The on-site inspection of small household appliance OEM factories can start from the following aspects:

1.Production equipment: Check the advancement and maintenance status of the equipment, and whether it can meet the production needs and quality requirements of the products.

2.Production process: Observe whether the layout of the entire production link is reasonable and smooth, and whether the connection between each process is efficient.

3.Workshop environment: Check the cleanliness and hygiene status of the workshop, and whether it conforms to the relevant production standards.

4.Quality management system: Understand the quality control process, such as the setting of the inspection link and the implementation of the inspection standards.

5.Employee operation: Pay attention to the standardization, proficiency and work attitude of the workers' operation.

6.Management of raw materials and components: Investigate the storage, marking, and requisition management of raw materials and components.

7.Capacity status: Evaluate the existing capacity of the factory and the potential capacity expansion ability.

8.Technical R & D ability: Understand whether there is a dedicated R & D team and technological innovation ability.

9.Safety management: Check the safety facility equipment and the implementation of the safety system.

10.Warehousing and logistics: Observe the layout and management of the warehouse, and the arrangement of logistics and distribution.

11.Past product cases: Require to view the similar products it has produced before to evaluate the quality and technological level.

12.Management team: Communicate with the management team to understand their management concepts and operating experience.