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How to Cooperate with Small Household Appliance OEM Factories?

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How to Cooperate with Small Household Appliance OEM Factories?(pic1)

The following are the general steps for cooperating with small household appliance OEM factories:

    1.Research and screening: Conduct extensive research on small household appliance OEM factories in the market, understand their reputation, production capacity, technical level, quality control system, etc., and screen out potential cooperation objects that meet the requirements.

    2.On-site inspection: Conduct on-site inspections of the initially selected factories to check the actual situation such as production equipment, workshop management, and staff quality.

    3.Clear requirements: Clearly state to the factory the specific requirements for the product's specifications, functions, quality standards, packaging, etc.

    4.Business negotiation: Conduct detailed negotiations on key terms such as price, order quantity, delivery time, and after-sales service, and strive to reach a mutually satisfactory cooperation agreement.

    5.Signing the contract: Formulate a detailed contract to clarify the rights and obligations of both parties, including intellectual property protection, quality responsibility, and liability for breach of contract.

    6.Product R & D and prototyping: Conduct product R & D together with the factory to ensure that the design meets the requirements and conduct sample production and testing.

    7.Production monitoring: During the production process, monitor the production progress and quality through regular inspections, communication, and other methods.

    8.Quality inspection: Conduct product acceptance strictly in accordance with the agreed standards to ensure that the product quality is qualified.

    9.Logistics and delivery: Coordinate the transportation, storage and other links of the product to ensure on-time delivery to the designated location.

    10.After-sales communication: Keep communicating with the factory and timely handle possible after-sales problems.